Life Changes Whether You’re Ready For it or Not

The last few months have gone by in a blur. The same week I became agented, I also accepted a new job position that had me working in an office for the first time in six years (I’ve been working remotely). I’ve really been loving my new job, but the adjustment period has been brutal for my writing life.

I got my edit letter. Mapped out my revision. Then just stopped. 

I was working a lot of hours trying to adjust to the new job learning curve and when I got home I would just collapse. I’ll tell you how bad it’s been. In the last few months, I’ve only read two books… guys? Did you catch that? psst. this should be your immediate reaction: rs_500x224-141015103249-tumblr_inline_ncoft3nTqP1rw9igh

In summary: I had to put my entire writing life on hold the moment I got an agent. WORST TIMING EVER! But it’s real life and sometimes real life timing is complicated.

I tried to rush through a revision after a few months of not being able to work and it was horrible. I was not feeling the creative juices and just thought I could power through it. I didn’t follow my own plan very well and when I did a read through, it was just total crap. I completely lost the voice and pacing of the entire first half of the book. I broke down in tears and emailed my agent.

My supportive agent basically told me to relax and stop forcing myself. So I did. For the first time, I just stopped being stressed about the fact that I wasn’t revising or revising quickly and lo and behold, within a few weeks, my job evened out and I started having the time and the mental capacity to be creative.

I’m making a lot of progress and although my six week revision is now at 12 weeks, I’ve accepted the fact that life changes whether you’re ready for it or not. You can either embrace that change and figure out your new normal, or you can fight that change and beat yourself up about it. The end result is still the same. Change is inevitable.

Here’s to being happy I’ve gotten my groove back!

Now time to conquer the rest of this revision!



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