Pitch Wars Contestant Alert!

So as you might be wondering… I am STILL working on my directed revision from the end of June and have not sent another query letter or anything. In fact, I contacted the agents who still had my MS and asked if they would hold off on reading it until I got them a newer draft. They were all absolutely gracious and agreed. That’s how much I believed that I needed a huge overhaul on my book.

You might guess that due to the lack of progress, I was what you might call – STUCK! I was overwhelmed and not really sure how to get where I wanted my book to be.

I’ve been watching Brenda Drake’s Pitch Wars contest for the last few years, but never was at a place where I could enter. This year, when submission time came around, I decided to give it a shot. Getting a chance to have my novel edited by a professional YA writer would be a dream come true. So I entered and lo and behold, Trisha Leigh picked me as an alternate!

I’m so ridiculously excited to begin working on my SIX PAGE edit letter and a MS full of line edits! Eeks! I have such a renewed vision for this book and it felt soooo good to get picked out of so many people (over 1200 submissions) and have someone who loved my book! yay!

Girls wanna have fun

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