Taking a Break

I’ve been plugging away with my revisions on my first novel for the last month – working at least a few hours each day – and kind of just hit a point where I KNEW I needed to step away.


It took some personal drama, but I’ve spent the last 48 hours without even opening my WIP and I think I’ll continue the trend through the weekend.

I just needed a break.

Some time to ingest words instead of expel them. I’ve already read two books in two days and I plan on reading another one by the end of the weekend.

Part of me doesn’t like that I took a weekend off. I have self-imposed deadlines that I want to meet and it just means more work in the future. Oh well.

Time for ice cream and chocolates; comfort food and reading.


One Reply to “Taking a Break”

  1. I definitely hear you about needing to take a step back from a big project. Have you tried prompt writing? It’s a pretty good way to keep the writing muscles working while taking a break from a big project.

    I like the prompts this guy does:

    He puts two new prompts up each Tuesday. I try to respond each week. I just posted my response for this week here:

    I’d be ecstatic if you took a look at it and let me know what you think.

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