Saturday = Writing Day

After a particularly busy week of work (I copyedit part-time), I finally have had a chance to come up for air.

In addition to all the work the last few weeks, I decided to complicate my life by:

  1. Potty training my 2 1/2 year old;
  2. the same week my kids got out of school for the summer.

Add these things to the fact my husband started a new job so he has a new schedule and my dog is in heat. With all this going on, you can imagine I am ready for life to calm the freak down.

But it won’t and I’m fine with that. It’s how I like it.

I am happy though because today I’ve been able to start revising my newest project Justice. I hate that title by the way, but I’m tired of calling WIP (work-in-progress) so Justice it is. At least until I can come up with a better name.

I’ve also been able to start communicating with some potential critique partners today. I’m a little early for critique partners since I’ve only done one draft, but I love the community of writers and I know I can get inspired from others inspiration (that sounds corney, but it’s true).

So here we go, into the first revisions on my first novel! This is exciting!! Wish me luck!

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