About Destiny Cole


Hi y’all! I’m Destiny Cole, a YA writer, lover of books and unapologetic fangirl. I’m also the social media manager for a large non-profit.

On the personal side, I have a dashing European husband, three fabulous little blondies and the greatest dog on the planet.

I’m represented by Kirsten Carleton at Waxman Leavell. You can contact me at destinyhcole@gmail.com or follow me @destinywrites

Five things you may not know about me:

1. I have three tattoos and each one has a mate. Apparently, I can only get a tattoo if someone else is going to get the exact one with me! This has only gone bad once. Note: never get a matching tattoo with your boyfriend when you’re 18.

2. When I’ve been staring at a computer screen too much that day, instead of reading myself to sleep, I stream one of my favorite movies on my phone and listen to it like an audio book.

3. The first few years I was married to my husband, we fought several times a week about how late I stayed up reading and the amount of light I needed to be able to read. It took us six years to find a system we were both happy with. (thank you Kindle for saving my marriage)

4. I have an aversion to most veggies because I just think they taste horrible. I eat them, I just don’t enjoy it.

5. I’ll always be that girl who wants a pony for Christmas.


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