I will do better.

Words are failing me this morning, which says a lot because words are kind of my jam.
I don’t say a lot publicly about politics, mainly because social media demands a sound bite and I’m not willing to give it one. Doing that gives no room for nuance or layered meanings. I’ve found there seems to be increasingly no grace for discussion or reading outside your privilege. There’s dogmatic opinions and shaming and extremism and I can honestly say I don’t want a part in that type of mob mentality.
But I will say this: I will love without caveats. I will listen—even when what’s being said makes me uncomfortable. I will speak when I see an injustice. I will believe in the best of people. I will ask questions when I don’t understand. I will stand tall when others try to marginalize. I will embrace when lines are drawn. I will acknowledge and affirm others experience as fact. I will do better.
I hope you’ll all join me in this.

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