Disney World Reads!

Guess where I am?


Yup! We managed to pull off a huge family surprise and surprised my kids with a trip to Disney World! 24 Hours after we got there, we surprised them with my parents and brother showing up… then 24 hours later my sister and her family (which happen to be my kids’ BFFs) showed up! It was magical and SOOOOO much fun!

But I had to sneak on the blog to say that I’m still tearing through the Lunar Chronicles. I just got to Cress (book 3)… it’s so great guys!


And these covers… GORGEOUS! Check out the cover for book 2, Scarlet:


Each book centers around a different main protagonist (which correlates to a fairy tale if you can’t pick up from the covers) and they are all so uniquely amazing and I love them all!

I can’t wait for Winter, which I think may have the most beautiful cover of them all…


Okay, back to the family and Disney, but seriously guys! These books! ahh!

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