Writing post revisions…

You know what’s hard to do? Write a new book when things with your other book are not all wrapped up. I’m not sure how much more revisions ALLIANCE is going to need, and so it’s hard to fully commit to a new story while waiting. This is something I’m going to HAVE to get used to in order to be a legit professional writer, but it’s something that I’ve really been struggling with lately. This post is a sort of, kick-myself-in-the-pants reminder that I need to get over it.


My MS is currently being read by my fabulous agent Kirsten, and while I wait to hear back from her, I just keep fiddling with the first few chapters of my WIP instead of pushing on to spit out a first draft of a new book.

I know part of it is that I wrote a VERY messy first draft of ALLIANCE and I don’t want to do that again, but the other part of it is I can’t get my head firmly planted in this small Texas town, because it’s still stuck in an alternate version of New York City!

One of my fabulous CPs, Ashley, has written like 87 new manuscripts in the time it’s taken me to write/revise ALLIANCE and I stare at her amazing, growing library of books and I’m like, “WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME?”

Then I remember that I suck we’re all on different journeys and need to get on the ball it’s okay.

So today, instead of tinkering with the first few chapters, I’m going to press on!

I’m really excited about my story and it’s time to commit!


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