The Worst Reading Pact Ever

This is books scramble. Many books on white background.

The other day I was sitting in my living room about to buy another book…

You see, some people buy shoes. Some people splurge on fancy meals or a nice bottle of wine…


I buy books.

I read mostly e-books, a habit I picked up living overseas where that was basically the only way I could read current books without paying a fortune. It’s also a way I can read relatively inexpensively thanks to Epic Read’s edeals.

But here’s the thing. e-Books are invisible so you can’t actually SEE how large your to-read pile has become. You don’t realize, until you start counting, how it’s teetering in a pile stacked to the ceiling, ready to topple over on your head while you lay there blissfully unaware.

So there I sat, about to purchase a book I’d been really excited about and then I thought… maybe I need to cut down on my to-read pile before I buy something new. My husband – who has recently taken over our finances and now actually sees how much $ gets spent at the bookstore – has been nicely telling me to chill out a bit and so I thought, you know? I’m going to read a few books before I read this one. He’ll be proud of my self control.

So I checked my i-cloud library and was quite shocked to see that I had TWENTY-SEVEN unread books on my Kindle and six unread physical books…

The worst is that I made the mistake to actually inform my husband of this fact and he then promptly made me promise to not buy any new books until I had read at least ten of the ones I already had… say what? Did he not read my last post about all the amazing books coming out in the next few months? (of course he didn’t. I’m pretty sure he has no idea this blog exists.)

But then I had to remember that it’s not like these books will disappear if I don’t buy them the day they come out.

So here is my list of ten books:

The Beginning of Everything
The Brokenhearted
Say What you Will
The Body Electric
Throne of Glass (Currently Reading)
Find Me 
The Evolution of Mara Dyer

After these, I am going to buy ONE book and then read five more I already have. Rinse. Repeat. until I am caught up on my TBR pile!

Hmmm… let’s see how this pact goes…


This is the worst pact ever.

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