I miss food…

So I passed my one year anniversary of moving back to Texas. It passed without even a mental acknowledgement and I guess that’s fine because this is my home.

This is the place I grew up and where I feel most comfortable.

But living in Belgium got me spoiled to one particular thing and I just haven’t been able to get over it as of yet…



I’m not talking about delicious croissants or quaint boucheries… I’m talking about the quality of food. Not having to worry AS much about what is going into my body because it’s not poisoned. Not having the option of a bazillion fast food places enticing me to not cook and just order in. I’ve sadly gained about 15 pounds in the one year I’ve lived here (no excuses, I’ve overindulged)

I mean, have you read this article about 17 Dangerous Foods Americans Eat that Are Banned in Most Countries? It’s enough to have you going on a water only diet, until you read that bottled water can contain four different ingredients!!

So what is my alternative? Insanely over-priced “organic” food that has become it’s own industry.

Since moving back to Texas, our weekly grocery budget has gone up – even after you convert Euros to Dollars (already a 30% difference).

Unfortunately, I can’t afford to eat 100% organic, but I do my best. Everything my kids eat the most of is organic. Sandwich stuff, cheese sticks, fruit. I’m trying to make cookies instead of buying them. I’m trying to cook more and use organic ingredients when I can. It’s a lot more stress than I ever thought it was going to be when we were deciding to move back here!

But alas, these are the cards I’ve been dealt, so I’m making the best! So what if my kids eat Pop Tarts every morning 🙂



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