When drafting evolves

So I decided to go ahead and start on the Contemporary I had plotted out. Great story, but more importantly, I was already loving my characters and their tragic childhoods.

I started writing, but the things is, it evolved into a mystery, which then changed the character motivations, which then completely changed the backgrounds, which then completely changed the characters, which means… TOTALLY starting over!

But this new story seems to be flowing easier. I just need to work more on my new characters because I still want to save “those” characters for this contemporary that I know I’ll write one day. But not today. Today shall be a mysterious mystery with some kissing. Because kissing is super important for mysteries.

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!

And time to get started on drafting my new baby!



One Reply to “When drafting evolves”

  1. There isn’t a whole lotta kissing in Nero Wolfe novels. But maybe there should have been. Archie Goodwin is quite the dashing character. When played by Timothy Hutton (as on the A&E TV versions of the books) one does not have a lot of trouble imaging him in a lot of kissing scenarios.

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