Backlogged Books:

So my list of backlogged books is a little ridiculous. Normally I’m really good about once I purchase a book I read it first, but over the last few months I’ve bought like 2 or 3 at a time and then before I can finish them all I see another book that catches my eye and so those books sort of move to out of sight out of mind.

I’ve decided I HAVE to get everything read on my Kindle before I buy anything more… wish me luck! 🙂

Here is what is waiting to be read in no particular order:

Diary of a Mad Fat Girl
The Understorey
The Old Man and the Wasteland
Crossed (Matched Series)
Beautiful Chaos
Passion (Fallen)
Juliet (I’m going to wait till my Italy trip for this one)
Jesus Killed My Church
The Dead and Gone
Black Cow

Yeah, I have plenty on my plate… but then there are so many new books coming out in May so I best get to reading! 🙂

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