The Help: Kathrynn Stockett

So I’m like the zillionth person to recommend this book, but it’s true what they say. It’s a great book. It will make you cringe and shudder when you realize what black people went through just 50 years ago. It’s crazy and insane to think this was “normal”. So incredibly sad. But I think it’s a must read for people and it’s a great story. It flips between 4 people’s points of view and I must say, it’s fantastic. You need to read it! I haven’t seen the movie yet as it hasn’t come out here in Belgium yet, but I’m planning on it.

Anyways 5 stars and recommend it!

In writing about such a troubled time in American history, Southern-born Stockett takes a big risk, one that paid off enormously. Critics praised Stockett’s skillful depiction of the ironies and hypocrisies that defined an era, without resorting to depressing or controversial clich√©s. Rather, Stockett focuses on the fascinating and complex relationships between vastly different members of a household. Additionally, reviewers loved (and loathed) Stockett’s three-dimensional characters—and cheered and hissed their favorites to the end. Several critics questioned Stockett’s decision to use a heavy dialect solely for the black characters. Overall, however, The Help is a compassionate, original story, as well as an excellent choice for book groups. 

Paperback: 544 pages Publisher: Berkley Trade; Mti Rei edition (June 28, 2011) Language: English ISBN-10: 0425245136

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