Lightening: Dean Koontz

This was a very good read.
It’s one of those books that the twists all kinds of genres. Love, suspense, sci-fi, fantasy, drama, etc.

When I picked this book, I was mainly just wanting a good read. Something fun to pass the time and something on the cheaper side.

Dean Koontz rarely disappoints me, as I enjoy his quirky sense of reality in his fictional world.

Overall, TOTALLY enjoyed this book.

Amazon Description:

On the night of Laura Shane’s birth, a stranger appears from the lightning to prevent her delivery’s being botched by an alcoholic physician. Throughout Laura’s childhood the stranger reappears at times of danger. He protects rather than threatens, yet menace seems to follow him. Thirty years later another storm flashes and the stranger collapses, shot, at Laura’s door. Now Laura protects her erstwhile guardian from mysterious hunters. He reveals that he and the hunters are time travelers. Laura, quick-witted and brave, leads the way to a bloody showdown. The paradox in time travel’s tampering with history provides an interesting twist in this gripping thriller by a popular writer.

I’m going to give this 4 stars and recommend it!

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