The Hideaway- Dean Koontz

What a great book!

I had just read a short summary on Amazon and it tickled my fancy and is an older book so it wasn’t very expensive, so I just thought, “Hey, why not!” Dean Koontz is a pretty solid writer. You never know what type of genre his books will fit in because even though he’s been pegged a horror writer, he really isn’t. Most of his books I wouldn’t even label thriller. More just like murder mystery, but this book is definitely a thriller.

I was so pleasantly surprised by this novel.

It’s a little on the creepy side with this derranged serial killer who after he kills his victims, he sets them up as mannequins revealing their true nature and let’s them rot in his underground lair.
But it also has love rejuvenated and adoption and coming to grips with childhood death and more. It kept me reading and thinking about reading when I wasn’t reading. That’s always a good sign. Plus it has this supernatural element that’s not overtly corney.

This book has a lot of different aspects to it that were very page turning and I definitely recommend it and will give it 4 stars.

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