Lovely Bones- Alice Sebold

So my lovely friend Nikki mailed me this book all the way from Dallas to Brussels after hearing me complain that they didn’t have a Kindle version available.

They just made a movie about this book and so before the movie came out, I wanted to read the book.

You know, so I could get irritated at how much better the book was than the movie.

I liked it.

I mean, it’s dark. Don’t get me wrong. But I enjoyed the book.

I’m going to go ahead and give it 4 stars and say I would recommend it.

One Reply to “Lovely Bones- Alice Sebold”

  1. I am so glad Nikki sent you that book… it is one of my all time favorites and I can read it over and over. the movie is getting horrible reviews, but I hope it is because those people haven't read the book. She also wrote a book called Lucky, that deals with her rape… and then another book The Almost Moon, and that character kills her mom….I haven't finished it. I'd say she has issues but they are good reads.

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