Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr- Christopher Paolini

I love dragons.

I do.

Did you ever see that movie with Matthew McConaughey, Reign of Fire? Matthew was all dragon killer with those hot tatoos all over his body… oh wait, that’s not why I love dragons, just a nice mental picture.

No seriously, my love of dragons stems back to Puff the Magic Dragon and my dad always singing us that song when we were younger.

Eragon was a great book and you’ll be even more impressed when you find out that he was just 16 when he wrote the thing! He literally created his own language, a people group, his own world! My hat goes off to Christopher for putting together and AMAZING series.

However, I am SO not happy with the fact that he decided to write a 4th book and is now taking his SWEET ace time getting it written. There isn’t even a projected release date or anything on the website. Boo Christopher for that. Get to writing!

Gets a little wordy at times, but I can’t give him anything less than 5 stars due to the sheer brillance of his story and the way it untangles.
5 stars and definitely recommend.

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