A Weekend Away

This past weekend I did something I’ve been wanting to do for the better part of a year… I left on a personal writing weekend!

Getting large chunks of uninterrupted writing time is pretty much nonexistent in my world these days and I REALLY wanted those large chunks and also just some “me” time. Most days I feel like an introvert trapped in the body of an extrovert where I’m all… STOP.

This was my weekend to STOP. It was my weekend to unplug and let my imagination go… My weekend to have no one need me.

And let me tell you… it was heavenly.

The weather was perfection.

The Writing Barn was more than I had hoped for.

The silence was soothing.

I’m so grateful to have gotten away (and grateful to have a husband who encouraged it, even though it was over Valentine’s Day).

Taking a writing retreat once a quarter was on my 2016 Goals and I must say it was a really fabulous idea that I highly recommend! I got a ton of writing done and plowed through some plot holes.