Tortured, a Birthmarked Novella: Caragh M. O’Brian

First off, this is just a short novella that sort of bridges the two books Birthmarked and Prized, even though I would read it AFTER I read Prized, but that’s just me.
The other big thing is that it’s only an e-book and it’s FREE!
So if you liked the Birthmarked series, which I did, download this book!

Mile 81: Stephen King

So this is one of Stephen King’s short stories. Just around 80 pages long, so it’s a short read.

It’s classic King, it really is. Lots of language, gore and characterization all set in New England.

It’s a super short read, but I would recommend it, although it’s gorey. But when you read King, you know what you’re getting into.

4 stars and recommend.