The Forest of Hands and Teeth: Carrie Ryan

Okay, LOVED this book!

It was all end of the world meets 28 days later, but with less gore and a lot more tragic love.

I really enjoyed this book and was totally into it and didn’t want to put it down. I actually will always have fond memories of this book because I read it on our road trip to Tuscany and my husband kept getting irritated that I had my nose in my book -er- Kindle instead of staring at the majesty of the Alps! 🙂

Anyways, the book was fantastic and totally recommend it with 5 stars!

Mary knows little about the past and why the world now contains two types of people: those in her village and the undead outside the fence, who prey upon the flesh of the living. The Sisters protect their village and provide for the continuance of the human race. After her mother is bitten and joins the Unconsecrated, Mary is sent to the Sisters to be prepared for marriage to her friend Harry. But then the fences are breached and the life she has known is gone forever. Mary; Harry; Travis, whom Mary loves but who is betrothed to her best friend; her brother and his wife; and an orphaned boy set out into the unknown to search for safety, answers to their questions, and a reason to go on living. In this sci-fi/horror novel, the suspense that Ryan has created from the very first page on entices and tempts readers so that putting the book down is not an option. The author skillfully conceals and reveals just enough information to pique curiosity while also maintaining an atmosphere of creepiness that is expected in a zombie story. Some of the descriptions of death and mutilation of both the Unconsecrated and the living are graphic. The story is riveting, even though it leaves a lot of questions to be explained in the sequel.

Catching Fire- Suzanne Collins

This is book 2 of the Hunger Games trilogy.

I really enjoyed the 1st book, Hunger Games, and couldn’t wait for the 2nd one to come out.

But then life happened and I never bought the second one. Then I got my Kindle and they didn’t have a Kindle version available. But then when my brother-in-law was talking about how much he loved Hunger Games, I was determined to get the 2nd installment. So the other day we were downtown and walked by an English bookstore and I ran in and they had it!

I finished it quickly and wished that it wouldn’t end.

The ending of it is definitely more of a cliff hanger than the 1st. The final installment comes out in August and I can’t wait!

So DEFINITELY recommend this series and give it 5 stars!

Amazon Description:
Every year in Panem, the dystopic nation that exists where the U.S. used to be, the Capitol holds a televised tournament in which two teen “tributes” from each of the surrounding districts fight a gruesome battle to the death. In The Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark, the tributes from impoverished District Twelve, thwarted the Gamemakers, forcing them to let both teens survive. In this rabidly anticipated sequel, Katniss, again the narrator, returns home to find herself more the center of attention than ever. The sinister President Snow surprises her with a visit, and Katniss’s fear when Snow meets with her alone is both palpable and justified. Catching Fire is divided into three parts: Katniss and Peeta’s mandatory Victory Tour through the districts, preparations for the 75th Annual Hunger Games, and a truncated version of the Games themselves. Slower paced than its predecessor, this sequel explores the nation of Panem: its power structure, rumors of a secret district, and a spreading rebellion, ignited by Katniss and Peeta’s subversive victory. Katniss also deepens as a character. Though initially bewildered by the attention paid to her, she comes almost to embrace her status as the rebels’ symbolic leader. Though more of the story takes place outside the arena than within, this sequel has enough action to please Hunger Games fans and leaves enough questions tantalizingly unanswered for readers to be desperate for the next installment.

Hunger Games- Suzanne Collins

Every now and then there comes a book that is really unique.

Like the story isn’t one that I had heard of before. Or if it was, it has a different twist that kept me interested.

Well that’s how I felt about The Hunger Games.

The only thing I didn’t like about it was that I thought it was a little short. I wished that it was longer because I didn’t want it to end.

Great book and I totally recommend it and give it 5 stars.

Here is the Amazon description:
the United States of America has collapsed, weakened by drought, fire, famine, and war, to be replaced by Panem, a country divided into the Capitol and 12 districts. Each year, two young representatives from each district are selected by lottery to participate in The Hunger Games. Part entertainment, part brutal intimidation of the subjugated districts, the televised games are broadcasted throughout Panem as the 24 participants are forced to eliminate their competitors, literally, with all citizens required to watch. When 16-year-old Katniss’ young sister, Prim, is selected as the mining district’s female representative, Katniss volunteers to take her place. She and her male counterpart, Peeta, the son of the town baker who seems to have all the fighting skills of a lump of bread dough, will be pitted against bigger, stronger representatives who have trained for this their whole lives. Collins’ characters are completely realistic and sympathetic as they form alliances and friendships in the face of overwhelming odds; the plot is tense, dramatic, and engrossing.

Year Zero- Jeff Long

TOTALLY enjoyed this one!

It was a bit of a surprise because I just took a gamble on this one without anyone recommending it to me. It just popped up in the “you might like this” section of my Amazon account.

Totally happy with it and glad I read it.

Gotta love that end of the world stuff 🙂

5 stars and I recommend it