Word/Void Trilogy- Terry Brooks

Okay, so this is the Prequel to the Genesis of Shannara which is the prequel to the Shannara series and so on.

I enjoyed this trilogy. However, I liked the Genesis of Shannara triology better, but you need to read this one for the next series to make sense.

Overall, good series and definitely ties into books further down the line.

4 stars and recommend it (within the context of the series)

Redeeming Love- Francine Rivers

I read this book years ago and it changed my life.

Not that this was the most amazing, phenomenal book that was ever written. But because when I read this book, I realized for the first time the power of the written word. It was also when I decided that I wanted to be an author of fiction.

Great love story.

Makes me cry every time I read it.

5 stars and TOTALLY recommend!

Black/White/Red Circle Trilogy- Ted Dekker

I read this series years ago after I read Blink of an Eye.

I thought it was a great series and really enjoyed it.

It’s kind of a fantasy driven book that goes back and forth between two worlds.

I actually want to re-read the series soon because he came out with a prequel to the series, but I need to refresh myself with the story before I read that.

So I give this 4 stars and recommend it!