The Writing Journey

If you’re a writer, I’m assuming you have a goal.

Whether that goal be finishing your first draft… finishing your revision… getting agent representation… the ever elusive book deal… the NEXT book deal… getting starred reviews… hitting the “lists”… being translated…

The moment you achieve one goal in this writing journey, another hundred swim into view and the constant reaching for “the next” can become exhausting.

But there is something happening beneath the surface whether you realize it or not. You are becoming refined and the way you react to each success or failure is creating in you the strength and determination to make it through the next success or failure. 

Goals are wonderful. I LOVE goals, but the journey of who you become while going after those goals is what’s the most important. 

How do you react when you deal with a failure?

Do you break… or are you going to be the person that stands in the face of a storm and shouts back that you will not move?

How do you react when you encounter success?

Do you immediately assume this is the new normal and forget the path through the storm… or do you use your platform to connect and uplift those behind you on the journey?

I want to be the second version of each and I think that’s what we all want to be.

But it’s the journey we’re on RIGHT NOW that determines your reaction, not the moment of success or failure.

So pay it forward NOW. Refuse to give up NOW. Be a support NOW.

Let the journey toward your goal refine your character and strengthen your core.

what you get by ACHIEVING your goals is not as IMPORTANt as what you become when achieving your goals.



Camp NaNoWriMo


So I have failed the last three NaNoWriMo’s and just in case you fail to catch my abbreviations?

NaNoWriMo is the National Novel Writing Month that takes place every November. The challenge is to write a 50k word novel in thirty days. I have never been able to do it! I get about 5k words in and peeter out.

Well since I am in the middle of revising my current novel, I have all kinds of ideas for other stories, particualarly children’s books.

This led me to decide to give CAMP NaNoWriMo a go! It’s a July “summer camp” version of the challenge in November.

I’ve chosen to write a children’s book ROSIE & PICKLES THE TIME TRAVELING HORSE.

Nine year old Rosie loves horses, in fact, she’s horse crazy. Her backyard looks out onto a big horse ranch and she watches from afar and dreams of how it would feel to gallop through the field or soar over a jump. But here is the problem, Rosie’s mom is scared to death of horses and refuses to let Rosie take lessons.

Everything changes when one day Rosie meets Pickles who tells her he has been sent to give her an opportunity to set things right because she has an important destiny ahead of her.

They travel back through time an Rosie comes face to face with someone she would have never expected. Will she have the courage to do what needs to be done?

Camp begins tomorrow! Wish me luck!