Fun with Rejection

Is there really anything fun about rejection? ummm, nope. But if you’re a writer pursuing publication, rejection is going to get as familiar as a dog is with its own butt.

However, here are a few fun things that can help take the sting out of your rejection letters… maybe, REJECTION BINGO?rejection bingo - revOr maybe you’re more active, and YOGA FOR WRITERS is more your style? I’m well acquainted with many of these poses… or mentally because let’s be real. Carpal Tunnel and Yoga do not mix.


CPEwjNaW8AAUylT.png-largeEither way, learn your coping mechanisms because rejection doesn’t stop after you get out of the query trenches. It’s a way of life for us writers because subjectivity is a bitch.

I Love Awkward Handshakes Part 2:


For reals… anytime I see a GIF of an awkward handshake, I start laughing… well I guess it’s more like a giggle, but it just gets me every time. So in honor of the awkwardness I feel in most social settings…

Hey, hey, HEY!! there we go!
Anyone? Anyone?
Great job! great… job… O-kay.
I’ll just go ahead and sit… ummm…. ya.
Up high, I mean, down low… ummm, ya.
Congratula— I mean word up bro.


You’re welcome.

I love Awkward Handshakes

There are few things that make me giggle more than awkward handshakes…

Here are a few GIFs that make me laugh no matter what mood I’m in 🙂

tumblr_ltrvnkvv2k1r5z5a2o1_400 tumblr_mkyk4jzCiB1sncj0to1_500 anigif_enhanced-buzz-22046-1381258950-6 anigif_enhanced-buzz-13535-1381259010-15 anigif_enhanced-buzz-17159-1381259009-0 anigif_enhanced-buzz-12886-1381259441-38



I know I just heard you giggle 🙂

This is pretty much how I feel any time I try to explain the book I’m writing to non-writers…